SNMPc Network Manager Training Services

We offer 2-4 day classes and can quote you as soon as we determine the number of days and students.  Three days is the minimum recommended but a two-day class is an option if the attendees are already familiar with SNMP/SNMPc, and SNMPc OnLine is not covered.

Our senior instructor has 20 years of experience with SNMPc and large NOC network management systems and processes and does a great job of explaining concepts and demonstrating the practical application of SNMPc’s capabilities.  Plus, he can implement features on your SNMPc installation and optimize your system at the same time if desired.

Training classes are typically held at the customer premise.  Courses include SNMPc Administration, Operations, or a combination, tailored to the user’s requirements.  SNMPc OnLine will be covered if installed, or it can be installed during class.  The full version of SNMPc OnLine is now free to download if you own SNMPc Enterprise.

SNMPc Operations Syllabus
SNMPc Admin Syllabus
SNMPc OnLine Syllabus