Remote Console

All SNMPc Enterprise functions are available from the windows based remote console. Each user can be assigned a security level and unique view of the network.

SNMPc OnLine Web Interface

SNMPc OnLine is an advanced reporting plug-in for SNMPc Enterprise that provides a dynamic web based interface.

JAVA Console

SNMPc Enterprise supports a JAVA based remote console. The JAVA console can be used from any Internet or Intranet connected computer, including Apple, Linux and Windows systems. The SNMPc Enterprise JAVA Console is optimized for low speed WAN lines, making it well suited for use by outsourced Network Service and Help Desk personnel.

Basic functionality includes user specific topology map displays, event log views, and real-time MIB table/graph displays. Long-term trend reports can be viewed after selection with a calendar control. Also included is a JAVA proxy Telnet application for configuration of Cisco routers and other devices.


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