Easy Works is an add-on module to SNMPc. It uses the map database as input and via an intelligent snmp manager it collects information from all your switches, routers, servers etc. The data is saved into searchable reports. You get a layer 2 documentation, have full control of all VLANs, MAC/IP-addresses, installed software, disk usage etc. It takes backup of your switch config, and shows traffic statistics on all ports in your network.

Easy Works uses the same Achitecture as SNMPc with Server Components, Poller Components and Local and Remote Consoles.

Bandwith usage are low. About 25-50 Kbps during 1-2 hours collection/day for a SNMPc map with 500 switches and 50 servers.

If Remote Pollers is used the collection runs distributed on each poller.

Key Product Features:

Neigbor Discovery – uses CDP and LLDP.
Trunk/Access Ports – information and traffic statistics on ALL ports.
MAC/IP Address Search – locate the switch/port for a specific address.
Server – CPU, Disk, Memory, Running applications (CPU and Memory). Installed applications (latest patches etc.)
Incident Information – send information to SNMPc about device failures/user actions.
Reports – scheduled reports created every 24 hours for all devices in the map. Shows switch-switch connections, VLAN deployment, software releases, traffic statistics for ALL ports in the network etc.
Monitor – disk space and running processes.
Maintenance – schedule device maintenance.
Config Backup – backup of config on all Cisco/Hp/3Com/D-Link devices.
Web Interface – Web Reports and 45 days history of all traffic data.

Report Limits Enterprise/Workgroup:

Report Type Enterprise Workgroup
System Devices 4000 50
Neighbor Ports Unlimited 100
Trunk/Access Ports Unlimited 1500
Disk Information Unlimited 25
Running Software Unlimited 1000
Installed Software Unlimited 1000
User MAC/IP Addresses Unlimited 500

Download Datasheet

System Requirements:

Pentium III, 1,6GHz, 1024MB RAM, Windows 2012/2008/2003/XP/2000.

Download Evaluation Software

All evaluation software are fully functional programs with some minor limits. A license key unlocks these limits.
If you do an upgrade, make sure you choose existing install path.

Product Version Size Action
SNMPc Enterprise 9.0.6 ~ 381 MB Download
Easy Look 2.10 ~ 12 MB Download
Easy Works 8.22 ~ 14 MB Download
Easy Call 8.27 ~ 14 MB Download
Easy SLM 4.22 ~ 14 MB Download
Easy Windows Log Trap 1.14 ~ 10 MB Download

NB! If you install on Windows 2008 or later, make sure you are logged on with Administrator privileges and that you right-click and choose ‘Run As Administrator’ if UAC is enabled.