SNMPc 9 Network Manager Evaluation Software Download

This evaluation software download will install the SNMPc 9 Network Manager, which includes both SNMPc Enterprise and SNMPc Online. Please also download and read the Getting Started Guide for both products.

The evaluation software is a full featured installation that will remain enabled for 30 days. Castle Rock does not provide technical support during the evaluation period, but The Network Architects will be available to provide technical support during the evaluation period.

Download SNMPc 9 Network Manager (370MB)
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SNMPc Getting Started Guide
SNMPc Online Getting Started Guide

Easy Software Evaluation Software

All evaluation software are fully functional programs with some minor limits. A license key unlocks these limits.
If you do an upgrade, make sure you choose existing install path.

Product Version Size Action
Easy Look 2.10 ~ 12 MB Download
Easy Works 8.22 ~ 14 MB Download
Easy Call 8.27 ~ 14 MB Download
Easy SLM 4.22 ~ 14 MB Download
Easy Windows Log Trap 1.14 ~ 10 MB Download

NB! If you install on Windows 2008 or later, make sure you are logged on with Administrator privileges and that you right-click and choose ‘Run As Administrator’ if UAC is enabled.

Easy Works Configuration Backup
Easy Works Datasheet
Easy Look Architecture